Humanist Hymnal Project




Smoldering eyes
Searing through the ashes
Fire-breathing words
Burning all thoughts
Icy voices crescendoing
Over thrown glasses
Walls peeled back
Layers of paper torn apart
Shattered dreams
Splintered hopes
Wild nights with abandon
Now all I have are ashes
Meeting the slate blue sea
With solids of grief
Blue upon blue and more blue
Your eyes are grey like ashes
I spread your ashes
Sorting through soot and flakes
I spread your ashes
The wind sweeps away your face
Fiery remembrances of love
Lust and hate
Cool soothing touches
With lingering sadness
I have nothing of us
Nothing of you
No dreams to come true
I only have ashes

--© 2008 Maira Benjamin; used with permission