Matthew H. Fields
Matthew H. Fields
Selected Chamber Works

Progeny of Memory


Audio link Listen to a short excerpt now: click this paragraph for MP3 audio. This is an excerpt from the complete performance by Christopher French and Sadie Turner.


42 minutes

Program Note

"The eleven movements of this work expand the idea of a memorial into the world of memory--which the ancient Greeks called Mnemosyne. The nine daughters of Mnemosyne were the Muses, bringers of all powers of the mind, bringers of both the arts and the sciences--goddesses from a more civilized tradition which did not fear and hate the mind as did the inventors of Prometheus. After nine variations on the opening theme, the theme returns in mirror image."

--Matthew H. Fields


  • violoncello
  • harp

Year of Composition



Progeny of Memory
violoncello and harp
I.  Mnemosyne (pavane) 3:00    
II.  Melpomene (romance) 4:02    
III.  Thalia (Neapolitan) 2:26    
IV.  Calliope (masala) 5:39    
V.  Clio (gymnopedie) 4:19    
VI.  Urania (misterioso) 4:31    
VII.  Euterpe (waltz) 4:21    
VIII.  Terpsichore (zmira) 2:44    
IX.  Erato (banjo) 1:42    
X.  Polyhymnia (largo) 5:25    
XI.  Mnemosyne (mirror image) 3:22    


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