Matthew H. Fields
Matthew H. Fields
Selected Chamber Works

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The music is performed by Frances Tate (flute), Joseph Smith (clarinet), Phillip O'Banion (marimba and vibraphone), Noam Sivan (pianoforte), Igor Szwec (violin), and James Cooper III (violoncello), directed by Yuval Waldman.

Audio Link: Performance by Fauxharmonic.com You can also click this paragraph for an alternative rendition by Paul H. Smith of Fauxharmonic.com.


6 3/4 minutes

Program Note

"Passion brings us together in celebration; the impermanence of life adds urgency to our loves. Here we get a music of interpenetrating melodies rising and falling like breaths and pulses and racing hearts, unrelentingly driving towards climactic ecstasy, a musical reflection on our most urgent passions."

--Matthew H. Fields


  • flute
  • clarinet
  • marimba alternating vibraphone
  • pianoforte
  • violin
  • violoncello

Year of Composition



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