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From a review of
"Sages of Chelm"

This is remarkably beautiful music! The orchestrations are superb, the music elegantly crafted. The Sages of Chelm is based on Hebrew and Yiddish folklore and melodies, presented in a late Romantic idiom --- and, amazingly enough, this metamorphosis not only works but comes alive with great vitality! The listener need not even know the meaning of the Yiddish movement titles or recognize the melodies: this beautiful work stands on its own as "abstract" music.
Terry Winter Owens, composer

From a review of

This is an amazing and spellbinding--at times frightening in its primordial directness, at times utterly disarming in its magical grace and wit--celebration of Jewish rites created by a highly gifted composer who is profoundly in touch with his roots, and who has the compositional wherewithal to universalize them in often surprising and always resourceful ways.
Fanfare Magazine: William Zagorski
"Ann Arbor's Charles Ives"
Ann Arbor News: Susan Isaacs Nisbett
  "like wow man...."
Amy X. Neuburg, vocal electronica diva

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From a newsgroup posting about Fireheart

This Fireheart is Scorching. Violent. The whole thing comes around like a whipcrack. The lash end first. Good God Damn. The sheer speed of it all. [...]
So by now I have listened to this pieces 10 times [....] Everyone can relate to speed. I think we would all drive fast if somehow we could be assured we would never get hurt and that we wouldn't hurt anyone else either. Neither don't either. It's there in exercise, caffeine, nicotine for some. The intense crescendos followed by spine vibrating diminuendos. You should bottle this up and sell it on the streetcorners.
--Ryan Tanaka, composer