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Matthew H. Fields
Matthew H. Fields
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Shakespeare's Eighteenth Sonnet (1997) 3:16
Vocal Arts Ensemble of Ann Arbor
Tidbits (2007) 10:00
oboe, pianoforte
Realization: Matthew H. Fields
Absinthe, Spirit of Green Dream (1997) 11:42
clarinet, violin, violoncello
Ensemble Sorgente of Moscow
Rollerchant (2002) 5:31
Mathias Wexler, violoncello
Vindication of Hypatia (1988) 3:28
Michigan Trumpets and Trombones
Jeffrey Goldberg, director
Fireheart (2005) 8:07
Frances Tate, flute; Joseph Smith, clarinet;
Phillip O'Banion, marimba and vibraphone; Noam Sivan, pianoforte;
Igor Szwec, violin; James J. Cooper III, violoncello
Yuval Waldman, Director
Birthday Music (1995) 23:39
flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, pianoforte
Realization: Matthew H. Fields
Arbor Nocturne (1998) 18:23
violin, pianoforte
Realization: Matthew H. Fields
Stargazer Serenade (2006) 11:32
2 violins, viola, violoncello
Realization: Matthew H. Fields
Aria (2007) 7:11
Realization: Matthew H. Fields
The Winds of Springtime (1990) 9:03
Realization: Matthew H. Fields

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