August 2012: Another active spambot is Mike McCool <mikemccool@nationalmediaservices.com>, 613 N Commerce Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630, operating out of Comcast Business Network at and

WanaMaroc.com, a subsidiary of Wanadoo doing business as INWI.MA and Marocconnect.com, an ISP in Morocco, has been spamming me for several months now. I have forwarded the spam to the contact of record, Ahmed Nassiri, ahmed.nassiri@marocconnect.com, but have gotten neither acknoledgement nor action.

2012-02-24: Zingari Productions dba Fanbridge.com, also known as SoftLayer.com, is in the business of spamming. I have forwarded spams from back to abuse@softlayer.com for six months, now. I have tried to reach them via telephone, but their answering machine at 1-214-442-0605 says "We do not check voice mail at this line", and when I called their technical support line at 1-214-442-0600 and actually spoke to a person, he was unable to get any response from their abuse desk. I have faxed them at 1-214-442-0601 to no effect. They just keep spamming me. 2012-04-15: This is ongoing.

The telemarketing firm Onetouch Direct at 813-574-1680 has been calling me in blatant violation of the Federal Do Not Call Act daily for several months. Dear Ron Benson, the only way to get me to stop reporting you to DoNotCall.GOV is to stop spam-calling me.

October 2011: Tin.it (also known as Telecom Italia or Tiscali) has been sending me spam about dance contests in Spain for over 15 years now. I have gotten no replies from them for any spam reports. I can supply evidence upon request.
If you operate an e-mail post-office, please block the following IP addresses, which are used strictly to spam people about dance contests in Italy and Spain:

2 December 2010: Yahoo.com has become the ideal spam platform. According to their autoresponder for the spams they've sent me for the past two days, they only accept spam reports in RFC 5965 format, or via http://abuse.yahoo.com. I have no software for converting their spams into that format, and that web site requires a Yahoo Login, thus limiting spam reports to reports about spam both sent and received within Yahoo. They have ignored my complaints about this matter.

26 October 2010: Paul@best-baccarat.net at has been spamming me for the past few days. Arin.net says the site is run by GNAX.NET (Global Net Access) in Atlanta, GA. I've reported each spam to abuse@gnax.net.

30 July 2010: Gartner.com has been spamming me. Their NIC registration lists jkronick@gartner.com as their contact address, but gartner.com says there's no such mailbox. Update 10 October 2010: Gartner continues to spam me. Their listing with ARIN.Net indicates that they lease their IP space from AT&T Services (ATT-WORLDNET-MIS). AT&T has shown no sign of taking action on Gartner's spamming.

22 June 2010: For the past 4 days I have received a modest barrage of spam from domains Orange.fr and Orange.co.uk. I have reported these respectively to abuse@orange.fr and abuse@orange.co.uk. Finally, at 03:21:35 this morning I received an acknowledgment of just one of these reports from abuse@orange.fr, followed by additional spams and messages indicating that the abuse@orange.fr address has rejected my reports. I am saving the evidence as it arrives.

June 2010: TW Telecom of Littleton, Colorado has spammed me several times in the past few days under the heading "Focus Research". I've notified their abuse desk each time.

My opinions on JEM Care aka Quality Control, 248-564-4697

The domain CreateSend.com (contact: scottr@freshview.com) spams me regularly under the heading "Creative Breakthroughs Inc." (2075 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084-3446, (248) 519-4000). Several of their spams have originated at addresses hosted by OrcsWeb, and lately they've been spamming from Rackspace.

The domain Artshop.com.br (contact: MARINES RODRIGUES MOREIRA, webmaster@artshopbrasil.com.br) spams me regularly.
They have ignored my complaints.
Their ISP, Telefonica.com.br, has likewise ignored my complaints.
IP Ranges to block: -

Microsoft is an ideal host for spammers.
Through an extensive series of autoresponder messages, I've learned
that MSN, Hotmail, and Windows Live automatically refuse all spam
reports at the RFC-compliant abuse@... addresses, referring you to
a non-standard report_spam@... address, then automatically refuse
all spam reports at those addresses, claiming they can only recognize
spam originating in their domain if the full-headered spam is
returned to them as an attachment.
Finally, when it is sent as an attachment, their autoresponder
repeats the same complaint that they haven't received it as an attachment.
It's a merry-go-round that eventually ends with Microsoft's abuse and report_spam mailboxes
blocking YOU as the alleged spammer.

My opinions on "VIP Member" adverts issued from Rackspace Cloud

Essay on my experience making a demo recording with Summertrios.

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TDS Help Desk -- impaired?

Sandisk 1Gb Mp3 Player: Junk!

DiversityInc.com claims me as a "former subscriber" and fills my mailbox with spam long after I asked them to stop.

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(Quackwatch's report on Magneforce here)

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Major spammer:
Greg Fingers of Loupian, France has been finding ways around spam blocks for the past year.

MAJOR UPDATE: Greg almost got on some major Internet blacklists but cleaned up his act in February 2008.